Training Should Be Easy to Buy

On this page you will see the various services that I offer. I’ve made it easy for you. Email me and I’ll send you an estimate. It’s that simple. If you already have a relationship with one of the companies I’ve worked with (Capensys, Keno Kozie Associates, LawTech Partners, NetDocuments, Savvy Training & Consulting, Inc., or Traveling Coaches, Inc), feel free to request my services through them. To learn more about me and my work, check out About and Videos. I look forward to working with you.


I am a NetDocuments Certified Trainer and can help you with both your training and implementation needs. Email me for more information.

Refresher Training

You’ve been through an upgrade but it’s been a while and you are not sure that people are using the new system as efficiently as possible. Email me about putting together a plan to increase user adoption and productivity.

Rollouts and Upgrades (the easy way)

This is the majority of what I have been doing since August of 2011. I can help you make the transition to the new system as painless as possible. To get an estimate, please email me and give me the number of training and floor support days you need and your zip code. That’s it! I will get back with you within 48 hours with an estimate. Don’t know how many training days you need? I provide free consulting to help you create your schedule.

Speaking Engagements

Whenever I get to speak, I remember how much I love it! Pay my expenses and I’ll speak for free anywhere, anytime (schedule permitting). I speak at small meeting and for larger groups. Latest speeches include “Today’s Technologies: To Buy or Not to Buy?”, “7 Super Apps You Shouldn’t Go Without”, and “Marketing Yourself Inside and Out”. Please email me if you need a speaker who can deliver great information and entertainment and stick to your schedule.

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