Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook

If you use Outlook, this is THE book I would recommend on getting control of your emails and tasks. It is life changing. I really mean that. In a world where you get hundreds of emails and dozens of task per day, you need a really solid system and Linenberger has nailed it. He has taken David Allen’s Getting Things Done concepts, kicked them up a notch, and worked out how to do them ninja fast in Outlook. Worth checking out.

Air Boss: THE Road Warrior Worthy Bag

A couple of years ago a co-worker and I were discussing travel. I said, “I have to check baggage; I’ve got too much stuff to carry”. And she said, “Look, if I can get away without checking baggage, so can you. I’m a girl.”

She recommended the website: Since then my tune has changed to “it’s against my religion to check baggage”. One of the key components to my strategy is the best business travel bag: Air Boss by Red Oxx.

Never Forget Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels

If you are a training nerd, you are likely familiar with Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Learning Evaluation. If not, you may want to check it out. It is the best way to evaluate any business training effort. My purpose, though, is not to delve into the levels but to take you through the process of how I memorized them so that you might never forget them and apply the techniques to your own learning pursuits.

The Levels

The levels are: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results.

3 Reasons Working from home Rocks!

  1. It saves time, energy, and money.
  2. It allows for you to with anyone in the world.
  3. It is good for the environment.

I am currently on a Help Desk project for an Office 2010 rollout for a large firm. I am enjoying the work and loving working from home. I don’t see why more firms and companies don’t embrace this option. The tech is not that expensive and it seems like a win for all concerned.

What do you think are the pros and cons?

3 Secrets to Peace and Productivity

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Do you say to yourself, I can’t . . . because . . . ? Me too. Not long ago I found this quote. I liked it so much I printed it out and put it on my wall.

DO what you can. We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once. – Calvin Coolidge. Often a project seems overwhelming if you just sit and think about it but when you take action it starts to come together. 

With what you HAVE. “Given unlimited time, energy, and resources, all things are possible.” – Larry Street. But you will NEVER have unlimited ANYTHING.

Where you ARE. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. When you begin anything significant you simply can’t see all the steps you will need to take.

One of the most satisfying and most challenging things I have done lately is start my podcast. I must have said that quote in my head a hundred times. I didn’t have much experience, money, or time but . . . I did it! Some observations:


  • You can read all the reviews you can find but you won’t see if something works unless you buy it and try it. Initially I wanted to do everything on my iPad but I had to abandon that and instead do it on my Windows laptop.
  • You probably don’t have the cash to start out with the pro tools but you probably can get something that will work. I would have loved to have just gotten the whole shooting match from PodCastAnswerMan but I didn’t want to spend $1600. Instead I spent less than one half of that but got acceptable sound. For those interested, my microphone is the Rode Podcaster.
  • “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly – at first” – Dick Karpinski. Although I speak for a living I was NERVOUS doing my first podcast. A friend of mine said that she has to get over her fear of “each microphone”. That seems to be the case for me too. But I learned SO MUCH from that first episode and it felt so great just to DO IT. I marked it as a “Beta” episode (hey, if Google can do it, what can’t I).

So what have you been putting off that you could start today?

Leave your comments about your thoughts about this quote or what you started!