10 Time Saving Tech Troubleshooting Tactics

Don’t you hate it when you are in a hurry to meet a deadline and your technology fails you? It happens to everybody but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

10 Time Saving Tech Troubleshooting Tactics

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Next time it happens to you, the tactics I share can help you move forward faster. You don’t have to be a geek to do these things, you just have to be willing to try.

3 Steps to Producing Powerful Passwords

What do you do when that dreaded moment comes when you have to come up with another password? Maybe they are out there but I don’t know anyone who thinks coming up with passwords and remembering them is fun.

Producing Powerful Passwords

On the one hand, if you use a password that is easy to remember it will likely be easy to hack (and probably won’t meet the password requirements). On the other hand, if you use a complicated password it will be difficult to remember. Let’s take a look at how you can easily balance these two tensions by using a proven 3 step method.

4 Strategies for Maximizing Your Training Dollars

Strategy 1: Understand the Big Picture

Neither you nor your firm wants to spend money on training. However, spending too little can be just as costly as spending too much. Your firm has two sustainable competitive advantages: your people and your clients. In addition, you have a major investment in technology.

If you don’t spend the right amount on training, you will never maximize that investment. The legal market continues to be more and more competitive. Spending the right amount on training and getting the most from it helps you remain competitive.

In the long run, what can happen if you don’t?

Are You Dying the Death of a 1000 Micro-Payments?

Do you have a nagging sense that all those $7.99, $9.99, etc. monthly “services” are taking a significant toll on your checking account (and complicating your life)? Me too.

Are You Dying a Death of a 1000 Micro-Payments?

In this post find out how you can score a quick win, avoid shooting yourself in the foot, and commit to stop (or at least slow) “Death by a 1000 Micro-Payments”.

#014: Donna Payne on “Collaborating with your Competition” [Podcast]

We live in a very competitive world. That’s why I love this story of how Donna Payne reached out, even to her competition, to help make Word 2013 for Law Firms a must-have resource for legal professionals.

Donna Payne, CEO of PayneGroup

Other topics on this show include: differences between Word 2010 and Word 2013 and how firms can cope with the changing update cycle. And, as always: “Today’s Tech Tip” (from Donna!) and “Law Firm Laughs”.

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Air Boss: THE Road Warrior Worthy Bag

A couple of years ago a co-worker and I were discussing travel. I said, “I have to check baggage; I’ve got too much stuff to carry”. And she said, “Look, if I can get away without checking baggage, so can you. I’m a girl.”

She recommended the website: onebag.com. Since then my tune has changed to “it’s against my religion to check baggage”. One of the key components to my strategy is the best business travel bag: Air Boss by Red Oxx.

3 Funny Word Feature Names


Sometimes the way people refer to features in Microsoft Word just makes me laugh. Here are three of my favorites. Enjoy!

  1. Referring to the Quick Access Toolbar: “You mean the QAT bar” (rhymes with squat).
  2. Talking about the Format Painter: “Love that sweeper”.
  3. Discussing the Hanging Indent and Left Indent markers on the Ruler: “Oh, I call those Monopoly Houses”.

Got one you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments.

Why You Need a Password Manager (and which one to pick)?

I looked back at a post I did on March 12, 2011 called 11 Android Apps I can’t live without. Out of those 11, only 2 have survived the test of time: Evernote and LastPass (a cross platform password manager).

Why use a Password Manager?

You need a different password for every site you visit. You may want to read that sentence again. It is the truth. If you want to browse the web and buy things online safely, you must not have duplicate passwords. Not only do high profile sites like Target get hacked but how about lower profile sites with much less resources that you visit? In addition, it has been shown that passwords that humans come up with are much easier to crack than randomly generated ones.

Pro Word Tip: Convert Automatic Numbers to Text Numbers with 1 Command

I am a big proponent of automatic numbering using either the Numbering or Multilevel list features in Word. Sometimes though you inherit a document and you just want to convert all the automatic numbers to text numbers. I have seen this tip a number of places over the years but don’t recall right now the last place I saw it. This process involves getting into the Visual Basic Editor. Don’t let that throw you. Just follow the steps and it will work.