3 Funny Word Feature Names


Sometimes the way people refer to features in Microsoft Word just makes me laugh. Here are three of my favorites. Enjoy!

  1. Referring to the Quick Access Toolbar: “You mean the QAT bar” (rhymes with squat).
  2. Talking about the Format Painter: “Love that sweeper”.
  3. Discussing the Hanging Indent and Left Indent markers on the Ruler: “Oh, I call those Monopoly Houses”.

Got one you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments.

1 Game you might NOT become obsessed with

I don’t know about you but I’ve been there: putting more time and energy into a game than I want to. Hats off to game developers, there are some brilliant games out there. For now, I just don’t want to give that much of myself to them.

Why do I get obsessed? There are many reasons but I’ll mention two. One, I just have to beat “the next level”. And then to make matters worse they come out with a new “planet”. Two, I don’t want to let my friends down. If you play a game that has social pressure, that is a double whammy.

What game works for me? Chess. Some of you are cheering and some of you are rolling your eyes. What I’ve found is that I can play it as much as a want or not at all and enjoy it when I come back to it. My favorite way to play is an iOS app called Chess Pro.

What do I like about Chess Pro? The way the tutor works and the great design. The tutor presents you with four suggestions for each move and by following along you just naturally get better. Oh course, you can toggle the tutor on or off at any point. The design is simple and beautiful. The app is a great value at $9.99.

What games can you recommend that we might NOT become obsessed with? Sound off in the comments.

1 More Click: FileSite EMM, Beauty and Trauma

It still tickles me when people lose their mind over one more click. Recently, this happened again.

FileSite has done the best job of implementing “send and file” that I have seen so far. After you send an email, you are presented with a list of recent matters, you pick one and then click the Send and File button. The beauty of this is that with very little effort you simultaneously file the email into the DMS and send the email. Brilliant!

However . . . in class the other day I was presenting this feature and . . . the comments were . . . “Oh My God!”, “This is unbelievable!”, “This is so inefficient!”, and “What will they think of next?!” You would have thought that the apocalypse was upon us because of one more click 🙂


5 Never Fail YouTube Videos for Law Firm Training

My latest gig is doing Office 2010 and Windows 7 upgrade training. For openers, I sometimes use videos. These 5 always work! Enjoy.