Pro Word Tip: Convert Automatic Numbers to Text Numbers with 1 Command

I am a big proponent of automatic numbering using either the Numbering or Multilevel list features in Word. Sometimes though you inherit a document and you just want to convert all the automatic numbers to text numbers. I have seen this tip a number of places over the years but don’t recall right now the last place I saw it. This process involves getting into the Visual Basic Editor. Don’t let that throw you. Just follow the steps and it will work.

The Steps

  1. With the document with Automatic Numbers in it open, press ALT+F11. This brings up the Visual Basic Editor.
  2. Press CTRL+G. This brings up the Immediate Window.
  3. In the Immediate Window type activedocument.convertnumberstotext. You will notice that after you type the period and begin to type “convertnumberstotext” that you can pick that from a list.
  4. Press ENTER. You don’t get any feedback but Word converts all your Automatic Numbers to text numbers.
  5. Press ALT+F4 to get back to the Word window. Enjoy!

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