Help!? Your input wanted on attorney Word skills project

I am working on a project to make it easy for attorneys to get the Word skills that will enable them to work more efficiently, produce better work product, and not drive their staff crazy.

What should I include? Please leave a comment or otherwise let me know.


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One thought on “Help!? Your input wanted on attorney Word skills project

  1. Hi, Craig,

    Sounds like a very valuable effort. I'd like to learn more about it!

    Automatic numbering, for sure — even just simple numbering (and how to adjust the indents, change the type of numbering, restart / continue, and so forth via the right-click menu).

    Understanding line spacing and paragraph spacing. Once they "get" how these features work — and the practical implications for California pleadings — they will be able to fix one of the most common problems we trainers encounter in law firms.

    Another closely related skill is setting tabs and indents, whether with the Ruler or through the Paragraph dialog. An essential aspect of this knowledge is how tabs and indents, and other types of paragraph formatting, are applied to individual paragraphs or to a series of paragraphs, and how to copy formatting from one paragraph to others.

    For attorneys who are fairly computer literate and do much of their own formatting, applying and modifying styles.

    Customizing the QAT… and having some basic knowledge of where to look to change various other configuration settings.

    My two cents (or is that five?)