1 Crazy Idea for Building a More Competitive Firm

This year I’ve been privileged to work on a project with Gordon & Rees LLP. They employ a strategy that sets them apart from every other firm I’ve worked with.

They hire nice people. Really. To date, I’ve been in 10 of their offices. In the first office I was struck by how nice the people were. This was especially true of the Office Administrator and the Managing Partner. By the fourth office I started wondering how this firm was different.

In the fourth office I found out the strategy. I was talking to the Managing Partner and he said that when they were recruiting him to open the office the firm flew him to the home office. When they talked to him they encouraged him to not only hire attorneys that would by money makers but also people that “he wouldn’t mind having over for dinner“.

I don’t know but my guess is they are very profitable. Why? Because turn over costs a ton of money and happy people are way more productive than unhappy ones. And besides . . . who wants to work with a bunch of grumps?!

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