Wolfram Alpha Will Change Your Life

Wolfram Alpha bills itself as a computational knowledge engine. In my experience it does a great job of reading my mind and giving me more than I ask for (in a good way).

The best way to understand what it can do for you is to go try it. If you have an iPad, I highly recommend you pick up the app and check out the Getting Started section. On the website, go to the Examples page, scroll all the way to the bottom and take a look at the Visual Gallery of Examples. 

Some of my favorites:


  • This morning I wanted to know the start of the Yokohama ITU race. I entered “23:00 GMT MAY 10”. Instantly it gave told me that my local time would be 6:00 PM when the race started.
  • Type in two stocks and it will give you an instant comparison (including fundamentals).
  • Type in two first names and you get a ton of information including how popular the names are over time.
  • Type in two cities and you get population information and more.


You owe it to yourself to try it out!

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