The 3 Browser iPad Solution

Safari, the stock iPad browser, is essential and well done but intentionally crippled in two ways: no Flash and no add-ins.

Although some say Flash is dead, it lives on. Surprisingly enough even parts of still have Flash. It is in places like “Manage my Kindle”. Also, I use Training Peaks for my training log and it is Flash based. So when I need I flash, I use Puffin. I have yet to see a site that it couldn’t handle.

Most browser add-ins are just convenient, but LastPass is mission critical. If you are going to be even somewhat secure on the Internet you need to use a different random password for every site you visit. My choice for a password manager is LastPass. It rocks! On everything but iOS I use a browser add-in. On iOS thankfully, the LastPass folks have created LastPass tab. It is an adequate browser that fills in all my logins and passwords via my LastPass vault.

So how does this all work out? Most of the time I use LastPass tab. When a need Flash, I switch to Puffin. And when I need some integration with the Apple ecosystem, I use Safari.

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One thought on “The 3 Browser iPad Solution

  1. Yes, Lastpass Tab is available on IPAD, but i just ran accross a site that requires FLASH on it's login page (abbreviated PING LOCKER for anonymity of the site). Hopefully, this will NOT become an industry statndard.

    Thus, you cannot use LastPass to login to a login page that is written in FLASH.

    Yet, on the ipad is a remote browser which has FLASH available on the remote compiuter. You access the remote browser by using a free/cheap browser named PUFFIN. This is the only Apple app that i have paid for. That is how important i think it is.

    Yet, Puffin does not have LastPass available in ti's addins. Maybe in a future release, eh? 🙂