Minor iPad Miracle: Attach multiple files to an email with FileApp Pro!

If you have heard that you can’t attach multiple files to an email on an iPad, you were misinformed. Thanks to FileApp Pro, you can!

The iPad file system is hidden and protected. Because of this, the way to attach a file to an email is to use “Share” or “Share and Print” from within an app (like Pages) to send the file. The problem is that you can’t attach multiple files that way.

Enter FileApp Pro. The way it works is that you Share each file to FileApp Pro and then you email them from there. This morning I needed to send my expense report to my company. The expense report includes an Excel file and a PDF that I mail from my gmail account. First I sent the Excel file from Numbers to FileApp Pro. Then I sent the PDF from Scanner Pro to FileApp Pro. From FileApp Pro I pressed Edit, picked the two files, and selected email. My gmail launched with the two files attached. Yes!

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