Top 10 Office 2010 Tips for Legal Pros

1. [Outlook] Add the Quick Print button to the QAT. This will save you two clicks every time you print an email.

  • Right-click on the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar.



  •  Select Commands Not in the Ribbon (A), scroll to Quick Print (B) in the list, click Add (C), and click OK.


 2. [PowerPoint] Insert Old Slides into a New Presentation. This one is harder to find than you might think.

  • Click the bottom half of the New Slide (A) button and select Reuse Slides (B).


 3. [Word] Use Format Painter to paint numbering. The Format Painter is a great tool for working with Automatic Numbering.



  •   Suppose that you need to Insert Section 12.9 after Section 12.8. First turn on your formatting marks by clicking the ¶ symbol on the Home tab. Then select the paragraph symbol at the end of Section 12.8, click the Format Painter, and select the paragraph symbol in the paragraph that you want to become Section 12.9.


4. [Word] Insert a paragraph without shooting yourself in the foot. Improperly inserting a paragraph can cause issues like Automatic Numbering not working and Cross-References breaking. To do this right, simply go to the paragraph mark before where you want to insert a new paragraph, click on the paragraph mark (moving your cursor to the end of the paragraph), and press Enter.

5. [Outlook] Copy an email into an appointment. Using this shortcut allows you to copy the entire email including any attachments into an appointment.


  • Right click and drag the email to the date of the appointment.


  Select Copy Here as Appointment with Attachment


6. [Excel] Use Conditional Formatting When Eye Balling a List


  •    Select the Range



  •    Click Conditional Formatting (on the Home tab) and select a Condition.


  •   View the result

7. [Excel] Use AutoFill. Any sequence that Excel can figure out it can AutoFill. You simply select two consecutive cells, click the AutoFill handle (the small black square circled below), and drag. It works with Numbers, Dates, and Text.


8. [Outlook] Use the Built in Date Calculator. In appoinments and tasks you can have Outlook figure out relative dates. Simply delete any dates that pop up by default, type a phrase, and press TAB. Examples of phrases that Outlook understands are: “90 days” and “75 days before Dec 19“.



9. [PowerPoint] Enter the slide number to go directly to a slide. Sometimes when you are running a PowerPoint show you need to move to a specific slide. While you can move backward and forward through the deck, it is much quicker to simply jump to the desired slide. To do this type the number of the slide and press enter.

10. Use ALT key codes to insert paragraph and section symbols. Learn these two shortcuts and insert ¶ and § anytime and anywhere (even in an email). To use an ALT key code, hold down the ALT key and tap the code you want on the numeric key pad.

  • For ¶, hold down ALT and type 20 on the numeric key pad.
  • For §, hold down ALT and type 21 on the numeric key pad.


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