Net Documents – Future leader in Legal DMS?

Full disclaimer: I just finished a 3 day class at Net Documents headquarters in Lehi, UT. Do I think Net Documents is a good choice for a DMS (Document Management System) today? Definitely. Do I think a big chunk of the market share in the future? Probably.

Currently your best choices for a legal DMS are Autonomy/HP’s iManage/Worksite and Net Documents.

Why would you pick iManage? They are the market leader. They are the safe choice. They have the most of the shelf third-party integration.

Why would you pick Net Documents? Although their total market share is small it is significant and they do have 10 of the Am Law 100. They may be the better choice. Their technology is robust, easy to use, and their search is just better than iManage. The significant integrations are there. Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Nuance are all there.

Why do I think they could be a future market leader? They are a solid profitable company that is not likely to be bought by someone else. They are using state of the art technology that is scalable. They only do one thing: Net Documents. And besides all that, they are just nice folks that are easy to deal with.

Bottom line: when you are looking for a Legal DMS, include Net Documents in your list of contenders.

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