4 Funny (and Totally True) Tales from A Law Firm Trainer

One of the greatest treasures in life is sharing funny stories.

Here are four of my favorites from the world of legal technology training.

Number 1

Trainer: “How are you today?”

Participant: “I’m belligerent!”

Number 2

Trainer: “The Windows key is the key that looks like a flag that is just to the left of the space bar.”

Participant: “Where is the space bar?”

Number 3

Trainer: “How do you save a document?”

Participant: Looks at the trainer like he has 2 heads.

Trainer: “The Save button?; CTRL+S?; File > Save?”

Participant (after a long pause): “Oh . . .I click this red X and when it asks me if I want to save, I say ‘Yes'”.

Number 4

Trainer: “Go ahead and double-click the Outlook icon”.

Participant: “Whoa, double-click!”

Question: I would LOVE to hear your stories. Come on, I know you have some good ones. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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