7 Super Apps You Shouldn’t Go Without

So what makes a Super App?

  •  It has to run on everything. It has to run on everything I have and everything those that I work with have as well. In today’s world that means at least: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • It has to have a revenue model. If it doesn’t then I don’t want to invest my time and money in it. It doesn’t need to be a paid app. In fact for the most part my choices have “freemium” models but they have to have a plan today to make money.
  • It has to store my date in the cloud. This makes backup and syncing a no brainer.
  • It has to let me selectively store some of the data locally. Sad to say but sometimes you don’t have an internet connection so this is necessary. Also, sometimes you have a connection but it doesn’t have enough bandwidth to make streaming seamless. I hope my grandchildren will laugh at this issue.
  • It has to be secure.

My 7 

  1. Evernote. The prototypical Super App. To say this app is a note taking app is like saying the Mona Lisa is a painting. My spare brain.
  2. TripIt. I travel nearly every week and this app makes my life so much better. You tell it to monitor an email address and as your confirmations come in it automatically creates an itinerary for you. And it does so much more. My favorite feature is that is sends me texts as my flight information is updated. Invaluable.
  3. Amazon Music. It just works without hassle. I love it. Now it works on my Roku box too.
  4. Netflix. All-you-can-eat, on demand TV for $7.99 per month. Amazing. And I’m not sure how they do it but it works with crummy hotel internet.
  5. Freshbooks. This is simply, cloud based accounting. Very well done. My favorite feature is the ability to scan a receipt on my phone and assign it to a client. Then when I do an invoice for a client it prompts me to add the receipt. Brilliant!
  6. DropBox. This makes file sharing so simply. Yes, I know they had some security problems in the past. I think those are fixed now and they also support two factor authentication. DropBox is the standard for file sharing. If you really want to be protected, encrypt your data before putting it into DropBox.
  7. LastPass. If you want to surf the internet without fear, you need LastPass. To really be secure you need rock solid passwords that are different for every site you visit. That is made easy with LastPass. Once you get LastPass set up, it will automatically fill in your passwords. I don’t know how you can live without it.

What are your Super Apps? Sound off in the comments.


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