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I am a technophile. When I was cleaning houses for a living, I would go to the library and read PC Magazine to relax. These days, most of my tech news comes from podcasts. My everyday gear includes a Windows 7 laptop, an iPad, and an Android phone. Although I enjoy getting in debates with my friends about which OS is better, they are all very good and all have their strengths.

I love the TWIT (This Week In Tech) network! Leo Lapporte, do a fantastic job. Whatever area of tech you are interested in, you can find a podcast on the subject at TWIT.TV.

Some of the podcasts I watch and some I listen to. Most of the time, I watch podcasts on my iPad. When I’m home I love to use my Roku box to watch them on the big TV via the TWIT channel. For audio podcasts, I listen to them from my Android phone (mostly in the car).

 My Top 4


  • Windows Weekly. This show covers everything Microsoft. Topics include: Windows, Surface, Gaming, Windows Phone, and Microsoft in the Enterprise. It features Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott.
  • iPad Today. Great show about iPads. The interaction between Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte is always entertaining. Sometimes the show leans a bit too much on the home (instead of business) side for me but I always take away something useful from it.
  • All About Android. I have watched this show from the beginning and it has really made a difference for me in using my Android phone. Great way to keep up with Android news, hardware, apps, and tips. Although Eileen Rivera will definitely be missed, I am confident that Jason Howell and Ron Richards will continue to do a super job.
  • Security Now. Although I am not a security professional, I love this show. Steve Gibson is a security guru and an amazing teacher. Leo Laporte apply calls him the “explainer in chief”. I’m not very worried about someone breaking into my house but I am concerned about someone stealing my online identity. Steve Gibson will tell you how to get safe and stay safe online. If you are an IT professional with security responsibilities, this is a must listen. If you are like me and have an interest in the subject, give it a try.
  • What are your favorites?

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