One Free Service to End Email Overload

The biggest pain point with people I work with is email management (in addition to Notre Dame football). I read about on a flight about 6 weeks ago. It is a service that “rolls up” your non-critical email so that you can quickly scan it. It is in open beta right now and currently only works with gmail and Yahoo mail.

What emails go in your rollup? Essentially email that is one step beyond junk email. At one point people called this “bacn”. This is email that you signed up for and want to take a look at on occasion. For instance, Groupon is one of these for me. A few times a year I save some money by purchasing a Groupon. The vast majority of the time I don’t want it (no need for the tanning salon) but I don’t want to unsubscribe because it sometimes saves me serious money. Another example would be newsletters. When I am working hard on a project, I don’t take time to read newsletters but at other times I do.

Will you lose emails? No. They have gone to great lengths to make sure you don’t lose emails. This was my biggest fear. It has not materialized. First of all, it presents you with a list each month that says something like “The following items will be automatically added to your rollup on: Jan 1st“. So you have time to decide what should be included in your rollup and what shouldn’t. Those things that become part of your rollup are moved into a folder called “”.

What does your rollup look like?



So, you get to see enough of the email to decide whether or not to open it. It surprises me how quickly I can scan through these and how much time it saves. It saves time not only from making it much more efficient to deal with these emails but also from the time lost from interruptions. Worth trying!


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