Buying Training Should Be Easy!

Why waste time, energy and money when you don’t have to? Most training companies do not make it easy for you to buy training, I want to make it easier.

How do you make it easier?

  • No negotiation. It is the difference between buying a car the old way (all those silly games between you and the salesperson) and the new way (the price on the car is what you pay). I offer a simple daily rate.
  • No receipts for travel expenses. Travel costs are invoiced at the Federal per-diem rates for your zip code. This includes meals and lodging ( We also establish a flat rate for ground transportation. Whenever possible, I use a local trainer.
  • No big thick handouts. You don’t read them and neither do your people. Instead, I work with you to customize simply and short handouts. I provide these at no charge. The only cost for the handouts is the cost to you of making copies.

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