7 Steps to Captivate ELearning Success

So I’ve been using Adobe Captivate since version 1. What works for me may work for you or you may pick up on some tips you can adapt to your style and projects. Nearly all of what I have done is short demo style videos.


  1. Capture the video. After a few dry runs, I capture the video mostly automatically but occasionally I press Print Screen for a manual capture.
  2. Delete unnecessary slides. Many times I make a mistake or Captivate automatically captures more than I need. I delete those slides out.
  3. Edit captions. I delete, edit, or add captions and other effects as needed.
  4. Script audio. When I first started recording audio, I thought I would just wing it. It took way too many takes. Now I script the audio in the slide notes. Using this method I get nearly all the video done in one or two takes.
  5. Record audio.
  6. Sync audio with video. I use the “Sync with Playhead” feature often.
  7. Proof and publish.

This method really works well for me. Captivate is a great product and I love working with it. By the way, I just use a gaming headset from Plantronics and the audio turns out well.

I have a project that I have just started where I am learning Camtasia. Wow, does it work differently. If you have any tips for me, I would love to hear them. Also, if you do things differently in Captivate, I’d love to hear that too.



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