#1 Free (or mostly free) way to reduce your travel stress

Love to travel? Have to travel? Want to lessen the stress? Read on . . .

I love to travel and I suppose you could call me a road warrior. Even so, it is tiring. Some parts of it you can’t control but others you can. So, what is my strategy? Keep the travel environment as consistent with home as possible. Change is stressful and the idea is to minimize the change.  How you choose to implement this strategy will be up to you but let me give you some of the things that work for me.

Use the same toiletry organizer (and toiletries) all the time. I love new experiences but using whatever disposable razor I can buy at the hotel isn’t one of them. It is comforting to know that everything I need for shave and shower is where it always is.

Eat mostly like you do at home. I will never forget the first business trip I went on. Since I could eat whatever I wanted, I ate a bunch of fancy food I wasn’t used to. I’ll spare you the details but it wasn’t pretty. Now, at least for breakfast, I eat what I do at home.

Maximize the consistency of your sleep environment. I chose my bed because it is very similar to most hotel beds that I sleep on. I sleep with ear plugs, a sleep mask, and a sound machine. Especially the ear plugs have made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep on the road.

So what are your strategies for making the road less stressful?

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