Game Changer – Amazon Cloud Drive (your music in the cloud for free!)

Thanks to a tweet by Steve Gibson, I found out about Amazon’s new Cloud Drive. Oh this is sweet! You can store your music library in the cloud for free!
Update: buy one album and get 20 GB.
So, Amazon gives you 5 GB for free. My music collection was small enought that it all fit. I know some of you are not believing it but it is true. For years I used a 4 GB iPod so I’ve been very selective.
But it get’s better. Whatever song you buy from Amazon (my preferred music source) do NOT count against your 5 GB. So, you can upload 5 GB of your current collection and buy all your music from the rest of your life from Amazon and be able to access it from any place you have internet access including your Android device.
The shopping exerience was very smooth (especially since they just rolled it out). I upgraded my Amazon MP3 app and it automatically installed Amazon Cloud Drive. Then I just signed into my Amazon account and purchanse an album. Once purchased I saved it to my Cloud Drive and then downloaded it to my phone. Next time when I purchase it will automatically put it on my Cloud Drive and my phone. So from now on if I have my phone or I have internet access, I’m set! I love this!
What about you? Have you tried it?

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