Why Not Schedule Spring Training for Your Life?

You’ve got to do something. You have hundreds (okay thousands) of emails in your Inbox. You have way too many things to do. You know that urgency and not values are driving your life. Help!

Well help can be found. I love David Allen but Michael Linenberger has taken his priciples to the next level. Not only has he applied and enhanced the Getting Things Done principles. He has done it for all the platforms I use (and probably you as well).
I first heard of Linenberger’s work from his book, Total Workday Control. Amazing, detailed, spot on way to manage your Email and Tasks through Outlook.
Now he has applied his Managing Your Now (MYN) system to other platforms as well.
With his system no matter where you are you can be managing your life! It is amazing how much more peaceful you will be when you take the time to implement this system.
I intentionally divide my email and tasks into Work and Home. For work I use Outlook. It doesn’t get any better than this! To use Outlook on my Android phone, I use TouchDown. TouchDown allows you to implement (MYN) on your phone and is a superior replacement for the native ActiveSync client.
For Home, I use Toodledoo. And for my home Tasks management, I am just trying out a new app called Got To Do.
What is so great about Linenberger is that he gives amazingly detailed and accurate directions for everything. If you are looking for a way to manage your life, LOOK NO FURTHER. I have tried them all and this is the BEST!
Check out his work at MichaelLinberger.com.
What about you? Have you used Linenberger’s system? Are you a Getting Things Done zealot? Do you use something eles?
On another note, do you teach email and/or task management at your firm?

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