6 Tips for Floor Support Success

While reflecting about a week long floor support gig in a mid-sized firm on Lake Erie, I thoughtI would pass along some tips.

  1. Tell your stories. Make sure when you help someone, you tell the story to someone that matters.
  2. Call the mail room. If you need to find someone, the mail room is your best shot.
  3. Make laps. Okay, I know this is basic but it still surprises me how many questions I get by just walking around.
  4. Get everything electronically. It makes things easier if you can get electronic copies of maps and lists.
  5. Plug in with the home folks. If you can, get on the ticketing system of the firm you are working for. This saves work for everyone. Also, if you are able to use a firm email account, that is great to (maybe one called “floor support”).
  6. Relax when you can. After you have visited all the people you need to and made your laps, take a break. Floor support can really be tiring, so take breaks when you can.

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