Anatomy of an Awesome Rollout

I have one week to go on a rollout of Office 2010 / Windows 7 in a multi-office Southeastern regional Law Firm. It has gone great! What made the difference?


  • Giving plenty of advanced notice. For several months the training department has been sending out emails detailing what is going to change and giving people tools to make the transition easier. As usual the most popular tools have been the Interactive Guides from Microsoft.
  • Upgrading small groups at a time. I’ve been a part of a rollout where they did 300 people at one time. Bad idea. In contrast, in this rollout they had the luxury of doing about 10 people at a time. Much better idea.
  • Staggering the training over two days. Staff probably need a whole day of training. On the other hand it is tough on everyone if they are out for an entire day. Our training schedule for this one was 1:00 – 4:30 PM on one day and 8:30 – Noon on the following day. This really helped them get more out of the training and also allowed them to better cope with their ongoing work demands.
  • Outsourcing some of the training. Okay, shameless plug. I think it really made a difference to bring in someone from Traveling Coaches (that would be me). Having been through multiple rollouts and simply being from outside the firm allowed me to deliver training that helped them relax and get up to speed pretty quickly.

What have you seen in rollouts (good or bad)?

Special thank to members of an IT team that cares (and knows their stuff): M. A., T., and V.


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