I’ve Gotta Do A Weekly Review! (GTD Tuesday)

Those were the words I silently shouted on a Friday morning about two weeks ago. After I made that decision, I immediately felt a deep sense of relief. I scheduled the review for the following morning. I spent over two hours doing my review but when I was done it felt great! You see, this review was only for my life outside of “work”. Like many GTDers my “work” life tends to be more organized than my “home” life.

My day job is being a trainer in a local law firm. I’ve been in that
same role for over 5 years now. My weekly reviews take maybe 10 minutes
and don’t even have to happen weekly for me to trust my system. On the
other hand, my life outside of my day job has changed dramatically in
the past 6 months. During that time I’ve started this blog, written a
book, and started doing a lot more public speaking. If I had the time,
I could easily devote 40 hours per week to any one of those new roles.
In addition, I love to learn new things and I’m learning new things
that I would like to implement in each new role. Wow!

Your need for a weekly review is directly proportional to the amount of change in your world and how recent it is.
If you’ve been in the same role for a long period of time and keep your
system in pristine shape all the time, you can probably use your weekly
review time almost exclusively for looking at the big picture. On the
other hand, if your world feels out of control you may need to focus
almost exclusively on your next action and project lists. During times of great change, it may be counter-productive to think about anything other than those urgent lists.

The purpose of the weekly review is to take a look at all your lists so that when you are done, you can trust your system.
Without it, you begin to lose trust in your system and stress begins to
increase. Right now, I probably need to do a review for my day job
about once every two weeks. On the other hand, it’s possible my
“outside of work” part of my life I may need to do 2 reviews per week
for a while.

If you are content and haven’t had much change in a while, don’t feel guilty about skipping a week of your weekly review.

If you are not resting in your system, make sure you do a thorough weekly review every week.

Me? I’m feeling so much better already and the time it’s taking me to do my weekly review is rapidly decreasing.

How about you? Do you do a weekly review? How often do you make it to those 10,000 feet and above levels?

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