The Ancient Secret Of Instant Memorization (Tech Thursday)

You will amaze yourself. I’ve been reading about memorization techniques for over 20 years. The “Roman Room” is the best I’ve ever found.

1. Visualize 10 places in a room. Pick a room you are familiar with. Use the four corners, the four walls, the floor, and the ceiling as your 10 points. Now associate an object with each one starting with the first corner and moving clockwise around the room.

2. Associate each place in the room with an item from your list.
Condense whatever you are trying to memorize as small as you can. For
instance, I’ve got 21 slides for an upcoming speech. I choose one to
three words for each slide. Then I associated these words with a point
in the room. So the second slide was associated with the left hand wall
of my living room. On that wall is a big display shelf, the word the
slide 2 is “World”. So I imagined a big globe crashing into the shelf
and destroying the shelf and everything on it.
3. Review.
Even the best system needs review. When you use this method, three or
four times over the course of a couple of days is probably all you are
going to need.

For a much more through explanation and demonstration of the Roman Room, see Chapter Six of Memory Power: You Can Develop a Great Memory–America’s Grand Master Shows You How.

Why I use it.
I love public speaking. I love the freedom that comes from not having
to use notes. With this method I can memorize my speeches and be
confident that I won’t forget something. One of the best ways to
overcome fear is to be really prepared. The Roman Room can help you do

What are your favorite memorization tricks?

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