Are You Washing Your Windows In The Dark? Good! (Fun and Fitness Friday)

If you wait for the right time; you’ll never start.

For about a week I put up with decreased vision because of stuff on the inside of my car windshield. The problem was that I planned each day to wash the windshield after I got home from work. The problem with that was that it was always dark before I got home. The solution: wash the windshield in the dark! Guess what: it worked. I had a nearly perfect piece of glass to look through the next day. The point: sometimes it’s better to do something at the wrong time rather than wait for the perfect time (which will never come). Work with what you’ve got!

Are you thinking of starting a fitness program? But you are not independently wealthy; don’t have the perfect home gym, the perfect gym right across the street, the perfect clothes, the perfect trainer? Maybe you have a nagging injury or habit that’s holding you back. Maybe you need to finish that project before you can start.

If you have a pair of shoes and something besides underwear to put over your body, you can start.

Just start! Just do something!

You can walk out the door right now and walk around the block. That’s a start. Zig Ziglar starting running by running one block. And then the next day, he ran a block and a mail box. The day after that he ran a block and two mail boxes. That’s the way to do it. For more about my own fitness story see Slow And Simple Fitness Plan.

Don’t worry about the past, just start today. And tomorrow, just keep going.

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