A Near Perfect Podcast (And No, It’s Not Mine)

Kyle McFarlin, Visual Strategist, and fellow business blogger has recently done a podcast on The Productivity Show (that’s right the same one that David Allen has been on).

It was very entertaining and informative. Outside of Leo Laporte’s great podcasts there aren’t many that I enjoy but this was one I did.

Some highlights

  • A good discussion about the pros and cons of MindManager 7
  • Flying around a mind map in Second Life
  • Considering the costs of capturing new items
  • Thinking about why you are trying to be productive and how what you are doing matches up with your values
  • The importance of “unplugging” one day a week

If you are a GTDer, this is one that’s worth your time.

By the way, if you haven’t heard my recent podcast with Lisa Haneberg, I think it’s pretty good too.

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