You Can’t Stop The Music (GTD Tuesday)

My family and I recently saw the movie Hairspray . I think the plot of the movie is a good one but I’m not much for musicals. On the other hand, a couple of days later a lyric from one of the songs really encouraged me.

The lyric was “You Can’t Stop The Music”. In the movie, (spoiler warning) an overweight girl, has a dream of being on a dance show and she makes it! Also, she dreams of breaking down the color barrier on the show. And this happens too!

I was having a discouraging couple of days when I kept hearing “You Can’t Stop the Music” over and over in my head. And then it hit me: no outside force can stop me from doing what I was born to do. The only one that can stop that is me. No “You” can stop me!

Is someone or some circumstance holding you back? “They” can’t keep you down forever. Take one significant step toward fulfilling your dreams today. I double-dog dare you!

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