Favorite Frustrating Email Subject Lines (Email Monday)

It blows my mind that so many people routinely write lousy subject lines. Since the average person reading this gets over 20,000 messages per year, bad subject lines should be punishable by death (okay maybe not that severe).

I would love to hear some of your favorites. I might even turn it into a standup comedy routine. Somebody should.

Here are a couple of ones to get the conversation started.

The blank subject line. Don’t you hate that? You’ve got a hundred messages in your Inbox and the sender doesn’t have the courtesy to put anything in the subject line. I think that poor subject lines are an indication of overblown egos.

Call me. I have a friend who gets about 50 emails per day that need research before she can respond to them. This is the one she hates the most because she then can’t do the research until she calls them. How much better would it be if the sender included the info in the subject line to let her know what they need.

Let’s talk tomorrow. About what???!!! This one is really bad when you get this from someone you report to. It has you thinking “what did I do?”

So now it’s your turn. What are you favorite frustrating subject lines?

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