Fireside Chat on Escape From Email Hell

Saturday (December 1, 2007) I had a great time doing a podcast with Lisa Haneberg about my book Escape From Email Hell. She is a great friend and a leading communicator on management and leadership issues.

Lisa put me at ease and asked some excellent questions. I had fun doing the show and I think you will enjoy listening and will discover a new idea or two that can make a difference in your quest toward better email management.

A behind the scenes note: During the recording of the show it was approaching 70 degrees (F) in Birmingham, AL (my home) and outside Lisa’s window it started snowing!

To check out the podcast (or better yet, subscribe to the series): Lisa Haneberg’s podcasts and webcasts.

For learn more about Lisa’s work visit Also, I highly recommend her books. My favorites are Focus Like A Laser Beam and Two Weeks to a Breakthrough.

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