Thanksgiving For GTD (GTD Tuesday)

The most radical change in my life in the past three years is the result of following the GTD method. It has truly made a difference for me.

GTD has given me more confidence. After about a year I really began to trust my system. I knew that I wouldn’t miss important things because I just “forgot”. It also helped me take a close look at the activities I was doing and make sure that they matched up with my goals.

GTD has caused me to think more creatively. It hasn’t been something I’ve cultivated but rather has been a natural part of following GTD. When I got all my todos out of my head and into my system, I just began to think more strategically and creatively.

GTD has enabled me to get more rest. It’s so hard to rest when your brain won’t let you. David Allen talks about the concept of having a “mind like water”. That means that we start from a place of peace and respond to situations throughout the day with just the right amount of energy. It’s a good definition of “rest”.

So how do you get started? If you’re in a hurry, I suggest you start with Linenberger’s Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook: The Eight Best Practices of Task and E-Mail Management After that, you just can’t beat David Allen’s classic: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

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