Apocalypse Maybe: The End of Someday / Maybe

I think I may have had an original thought about GTD (Getting Things Done).

In the beginning. When I first started GTD about 2 years ago one of the things I loved about it was the concept of the Someday / Maybe list. It’s a great place to park ideas and projects that you are not quite ready to devote time, energy, and money to. What worked best for me was to use a legal pad and put one idea per page on the legal pad and store them all in a folder. Then I would look through them all during my weekly review.

In the middle. At about the 1 year mark with GTD, things starting falling apart for me on the Someday / Maybe list. I had collected well over 100 pages and reviewing them every week was a pain. Also, it was frustrating because of the range of my Someday / Maybe’s: some I really cared about and some I didn’t. So what began to happen was that I just quit checking the list.

Now. Now I think I have found the solution: I don’t have a Someday / Maybe list! Don’t brand me a GTD heretic just yet. I think this idea fits perfectly with GTD; it’s just a different way to close some open loops. When something comes to mind that previously would have been a Someday / Maybe, I add it to my Task list and give it a due date. Obeying the two minute rule, I decide when I want to revisit that idea. In could be 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months but I give it a date. That closes the loop and at the right time assures me that I will revisit the idea. This has made me more able to have a “Mind Like Water” with regards to what used to be Someday / Maybes.

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One thought on “Apocalypse Maybe: The End of Someday / Maybe

  1. Craig,
    A lovely post. It’s an lovely way of handling the Someday/Maybe list. I’m going to ponder some more about it. Perhaps you should call it the Rule of Six just for fun. (grins)
    Fair winds,
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