Are You An Idiot?

Or is it someone else?

I was running the other day in my neighborhood. For full disclosure I should say that I am lily white and have a chronic case of bird legs. Also, I wear “real” running clothes. In other words, I look pretty silly when I run.

As I approached an intersection there was a guy in an SUV, with his windows rolled up, puffing on a cigarette. He looked at me like “you idiot!” Now, it may have been my own insecurities but I really believe that’s really what he was thinking.

Our world is upside-down. In our world we sometimes call good things bad and bad things good. A “good” time is sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette. A “bad” break is having to park too far from the front door of Wal-Mart.

Don’t let intimidation stop you. I know people who won’t exercise outside because they think they’ll look stupid. So what! Stupid, is not exercising. I also know people who won’t go to the gym (in their building) because they are embarrassed about how out of shape they are. That’s like not going to the doctor for fear of seeing people who aren’t as sick as you.

Most people aren’t paying attention anyway. I’m convinced that in most situations if you are not naked or bleeding, 99% of people hardly notice you. Have you ever gotten a rip in your pants and went through the day and no one noticed? Me too. People are generally so caught up in their own world, they don’t notice you. And, those people at the gym used to be just as out of shape as you. Okay, at least some of them were.

What would you do if you had no fear of looking silly? Well, don’t’ be an idiot, get up and do it!

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