We Are Marshall (Movie Review)

This is a great movie that reenacts a true story. Unlike The Ultimate Gift , I can’t recommend it without reservation, but almost. There is a smattering of offensive language but other than that it is entertaining and family friendly.

I love sports. This movie shows how sports can help people band together and overcome great hurt. Some of the football scenes had me holding my breath and then cheering for joy. Great stuff.

I love true stories with a happy ending. This story really happened and for me somehow that makes it better. Also, for the most part, the movie leaves you with a good feeling. Call me wimpy, but that’s the kind of movie I like.

I love stories that capture my attention and hold it. This movie was one that did that. I didn’t find myself even thinking about how long the movie was running (now that’s a minor miracle).

So, I think this is one worth catching. To order from Amazon (and support this site) click We Are Marshall (Widescreen Edition).

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