The Ultimate Gift – A Movie Review

I like movies but most of the time when I recommend one to a friend I end up saying “It was a great movie but it would have been better if xyz had not been in it. Not so with The Ultimate Gift. There was nothing in it that I would not have wanted my 10 year old (or me for that matter) to see.

Entertaining Plot. The plot is about a spoiled rich kid who learns that the most important things in life don’t have to do with money. It has enough subtle twists and turns to hold your interest but the real strength of the plot is its wonderful, underlying message: the best gifts are those of character and not material things.

Great casting and acting. It’s easy to get lost in the story because the scenes are so believable. Also, the cast is a great mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces.

It leaves you feeling good. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a suspenseful movie that leaves you feeling like you’ve been on a long roller coaster ride. But most of the time, I’m not. This is the kind of movie I’m always in the mood for. In the end, everything turns out well and you get the feeling that life is good. I like it.

For a really good movie, check out The Ultimate Gift.

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