When Slow Is Good

I read this inspiring post from the dumb little man blog. The title (Slow Cook Your Business Goals for Success) really caught my eye.

I’ve only been blogging about two months and like most everything else in my life, I’m ready to see it succeed in a big way.

The post makes the point that success that happens too fast usually ruins people. We’ve seen it with all kinds of leaders and public figures (politicians, athletes, musicians, and religious leaders – to name a few). Maybe success really is better and sweeter when it comes little by little.

I am a very slow runner and last year I entered my third 5K. I ran it faster than I planned and set a new personal record of about 32 minutes. (See I told you I was slow.) On the other hand, the exhilaration from crossing the finish line ahead of what I had planned was awesome! Would the victory have been as sweet if I had been a “natural”? I don’t think so.

There are a handful of areas in my life where I have invested years, even decades toward perfecting that area. Sure, I’ve seen some success but not like I had thought. But when I do have the “moments of glory” now, they are very sweet because I know how hard I’ve worked to get there.

I think there is great evidence to suggest that success is a dish best cooked slowly.

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