What Will It Take For You To Change?

Someone dying?  A car accident? A life threatening illness?

Bill Fults, was in the military, and had never been out of shape. But he let himself get really overweight. Things changed for him when he saw a buddy, Aaron Weaver, on the front page of MSN. He and his friend had served together in the military. His friend was a cancer survivor who became a triathlete. When he saw that his friend had died while serving in Iraq, Bill’s life changed. Bill look down at his belly hanging over his shorts and thought, “Aaron would be ashamed of me”. He started training that week and within 6 months ran his first Triathlon. To hear more about Bill’s story, listen to this podcast.

What’s a SEE? Bill Fults had a SEE. When I was in B-School, my Human Resources professor said that organizations don’t change without a Significant Emotional Experience (SEE). He went on to chronicle several businesses that only became great after their existence was threatened. Most individuals won’t change without a SEE. I would rather create one than have to live through one or wait for one.

Why not create your own SEE? Things that we imagine are as real to us as those things we can touch, see, and feel. So why not create a SEE in your mind. I read once of a man, that when tempted to cheat on his wife, would vividly imagine how his children, his wife, his parents, and his friends would respond when they found out.

Where do you need to change? God was excited when He planned your life. He still is. If you are alive, God still has a plan for your life. Most people have at least one major obstacle that stands between them and their destiny. Why not use your God inspired imagination to create the change you need? Imagine the long-term consequences of not changing. Paint the picture vividly and completely using all your senses. Use that imagined reality to give you the burning fuel you need to make the changes you need to make.

So what about you? What has caused you to change?

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