Have a Cliff Hanger Day!

CliffandfunMy favorite kind of day is what I call a Cliff Hanger Day. It allows me to get the most work done while having the most fun.

Here’s what it looks like.

  • Get ready. I do my normal routine – workout, shower, and get spiritually together.
  • Start the first task. Read a book I am reviewing until I get to right before a good part.
  • Start the second task. Draft a blog post.
  • Revisit the first task. Read some more in the book until I get to just before another good part.
  • Repeat.

Studies show that most people’s ability to concentrate on a task begins to diminish significantly after about 20 minutes. This is part of what’s called the 9-20-90 rule. In training you need to ask a question every 9 minutes, change your method of teaching every 20, and take a break every 90 minutes.

So what I try to do is break up my work flow into 20 minute chunks. Even better is if I can time it so that I’m looking forward to returning to that task. This way I’m always looking forward to the next installment on a task. Maybe I’m a little ADD but when I try to focus for a couple of hours on one task I tend to get side tracked. 20 minute chunks work really well for me.

So what size chunks work best for you?

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One thought on “Have a Cliff Hanger Day!

  1. Brilliant. That is the advice I follow in fiction writing, given by Emerson, “Each day, write until you know what is going to happen next, then stop.” Each day you sit down, you will know what was going to happen next and can dig right in.