Plugged, Unplugged, or Semi-plugged?

True confessions: I don’t get enough rest either. But I am working to get more.

I am officially on-call 24 hours a day every day. On the other hand, I rarely get called. I carry a Blackberry everywhere. I carry a laptop most everywhere.

Recently I noticed that I was checking my Blackberry way too much (like before and after taking a shower). I realized that I needed to unplug more.

The problem for me is that when I totally unplug, I worry about what I might be missing (I’m really not that important but sometimes I think I am).

For me, being semi-plugged-in works the best. I turn off nearly every notification I can. On my Blackberry, I only leave on notification for the phone. When I check email, I let everything that can slide, slide. This is the way I get the most rest.

How about you, which way do you get the most rest?

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