Powerful Post-Its

My life can be a little bit hectic at times (5 kids, 2 dogs, and a bird). So I always look for the best solution. I love technology but sometimes a low-tech solution works best.

Post-It notes are powerful. I use them every day.

  • If I need to take a frozen dinner to work, I put a note on my workout bag so I can’t miss it.
  • When I’m at work, I start a note for things to do at home. The only things I put on that list are things that I am going to do either on the way home or that evening. For ongoing projects, I manage them in Outlook.

Have you ever gotten almost in the driveway and remember you were supposed to pick up supper on the way home? My trick to prevent this from happening is that I highlight any errands that I need to run on the way home and put the note on my car keys. That way when I unlock my car door it reminds me of what I need to do on the way home.

How do you use Post-Its?

How do you handle the on the way home errands?

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