The parable of the orange ping-pong balls – 3 steps to lasting change

30 years ago, Bob Suttles, a mentor of mine, shared this parable with me. I
trust it will help you as much as it has helped me.

Imagine, a sunny day, and you’re standing about
waist deep in a pool. The pool is about 8 feet in diameter, and the entire
surface is covered with orange ping-pong balls. You’re in a bit of a contest
with 3 other people in identical pools. The goal is to see how many of those
ping-pong balls you can get to the bottom of the pool in five minutes. The whistle
blows! You furiously flop around like a spastic robot trying to force the balls
to the bottom of the pool .You look around and your competition is doing the
same thing. It’s futile! As soon as you lift your hand up, the balls float back
up. And then you notice on the side of the pool a pin. You take the pin,
pick up one ball and poke a hole in the side of it. You hold it under the
water. You can see the bubbles coming up through the water and the ball gets
heavier and heavier. Then you release it and it sinks to the bottom of the
pool. You pick another one and do it again. The parable of the orange ping-pong
ball tells us that when you’re trying to change: select one, sink it, and select
another one.

Try it and see if you can create a “Rest Revolution” in
your  life.

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