#006: Lesly Kenney on “LinkedIn for Legal Professionals” [Podcast]

Craig talks with Lesly Kenney on why Legal Pros should be a part of LinkedIn and how they can use it most effectively.

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Craig:              I’m your host Craig Huggart and
this is Legal Leaders Podcast Episode 6, Leslie Kenny on LinkedIn for Legal

Welcome to
Legal leaders Podcast – The show by and for Legal administrators, IT directors
and other Law Firm leaders, today’s leaders on today’s topics.

Craig:              Leslie
is the director of business development for Savvy Training and Consulting. She is an
MBA grad by education and a technology geek by passion. Possibly more
impressive from all than all that is I had a chance to have lunch with Leslie
and one of her co-workers not long ago. And I’m convinced she is truly a
sincere and nice person. So Leslie how are you doing today?

Leslie:              I’m doing great. Thanks for that
fantastic brief introduction.

Craig:              You’re
welcome. Well folks before we get into today’s topic I wanted to let everyone
know that following the topic we have 2 short features law firm laughs and today’s
tech tip. So Leslie, tell me about LinkedIn for legal professionals.

Leslie:              Well
I actually just came from last week; I was at the first annual Iowa Bar Tech
Show where I did a presentation called, pumped up your professional profile
where I talked about LinkedIn for legal professionals. So I just came off of
that and I think the most important take away from that and this what I hear
every time I talked about LinkedIn is people say not necessarily attorneys but
support staffs say I can’t connect with people I worked with because then
they’ll know if I’m looking for a job. And it such an easy setting to turn off
that I always encourage people to connect with their co-workers as a matter of
fact those were the first people they should be connecting with. And I know
Craig that you’re really good at this because I know that I connected with you
on LinkedIn way back and I see you connecting with people in law firms
throughout the US. So that’s absolutely the way to do it, connect with people.
And often people asked me well how does that setting work and I tell this to
everybody who listens to one of my presentations if you go to the savvy training
Facebook page
and ask your question even if it’s about LinkedIn,
I’d be happy to answer it there and give you a very concise details on how to
do that. I just like to do it on LinkedIn because I mean on Facebook because
then everybody who tunes in gets the benefit of the answer.

Craig:              That’s
great. And you know that really leads me to a question that I had thought about
beforehand. And it’s I think people do have that fear that my gosh I am job
hunting or I’m really thinking about making a move but I don’t want to jeopardize
my current job. So what advice do you have beyond what you’ve already shared to
just make sure you are doing that networking but don’t jeopardize your current

Leslie:              Well
the other thing I tell people is the best time to beef up your LinkedIn profile
is when you’re not looking for a job. So I’m constantly and consistently
updating in making changes to my profile now because I’m on a great place. So
it doesn’t make any difference and then the other part of that is I don’t know
if everybody knows this but every second 2 people join LinkedIn. So the fact
that you’re beefing up your profile even if you are job hunting and someone
mentions it, you know you can say hey I just attended this great presentation
and they said the best time to beef it up is when you’re not looking for a job
or all the time and I think it’s becoming so prevalent that’s really not a
worry when people see that you’re updating your profile. So, my advice is just
go for it, just get it done so it’s there and when you need it it’s available.

Craig:              Yeah
I would totally agree with that. And like you mentioned I’m always connecting
with people basically I make it a policy that anytime I meet somebody in person
that’s in my world even if it’s not necessarily in the legal world you know I
meet somebody on the plane or something, one of my first questions is are you
on LinkedIn? And they’re like yes and often times they’ll say well I’ll send
you an invite and I’ll say hey great. You know so anytime, anywhere I meet
somebody that’s on my mind I want to connect with them on LinkedIn. I would
imagine you do about the same thing.

Leslie:              You
know it’s funny because just having come from that legal tech show at the Iowa
State Bar I’m sitting here on my desk and I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 business
cards lined up in a stack. And there reason they’re lined up is because I’m
going to go to LinkedIn, connect with these people and for other business cards
away. I just don’t keep the paper and I know that I’ll be able to go to
LinkedIn and find that person if I do need to connect with them in the future.
And lot of times I stand there when I meet someone and if I have my phone
available I’ll just connect with them right there. And they say well do you
want my card? And I say I’m happy to take your card I’d love to have it. But
I’m not going to keep it and I have you on LinkedIn. So if you want to save
that, you can. I tried to be tactful about it.

Craig:              Yeah
it’s like, I’ll take your card but I really I’m going to throw it away so.

Leslie:              I
actually shred them; I’m all about shredding everything. Shredding is fun
that’s my motto. I often tell people I’m allergic to paper. I don’t like paper,
paper clutters up my desk. But it works for me. You know the other that I
wanted to talk about when I was again in Iowa at the tech show there were a lot
of attorneys from smaller law firms and to the considerations for attorneys are
a little bit different LinkedIn. Attorney profiles I don’t think they have sort
of the same sort of purpose for being on LinkedIn. A lot of it’s about
advertising making sure people can find you not push advertising per say but
making sure that everything is available there and that you do connect with as
many people as possible. It’s just a great way to see and be seen and I’m
always encouraged when the attorneys I’ve connected with are active on LinkedIn
and they’re sharing information. And they’re commenting on articles, I think
it’s fantastic. It makes me really happy to see that as a relationship
marketing tool. And I think it’s underutilize with attorneys they could beef it
up a lot more.

Craig:              I
agree. I met an attorney that kind of rare. But what she had done is she was in
California. She had used her LinkedIn profile and articles, basically once a
day she would look articles she felt like would be of interest and she would
post something on that,and she became the defector expert in her area on her
topic of law, and she solely used LinkedIn to do that. Have you seen folks do
that kind of thing?

Leslie:              I
have and as matter of fact I was on another firm in Minneapolis doing a social
media seminar. I have a two day workshop. And one of the support staff there
they were talking about how do you know what to share? And she said I just follow
Piper which was the attorney’s name. And she said I know that if he posted on
LinkedIn it’s a relevant he’s red-ded it’s vetted it’s not going to be anything
that’s going to embarrassed me. And he’s the expert I know that if he post
something even if I don’t read the whole article I can share it because he’s
the expert and he’s done all the work. That’s a great place to be for an
attorney for people to just look to you and say if this attorney is sharing it,
it must be fantastic. So, but I think it’s very underutilized. I think a lot of
attorneys could go further with that and make a much larger impact on their
target market.

Craig:              I
don’t know of anything else that could be much easier and have more bigger I
have a bigger impact than LinkedIn because I think the reality is that there
are so few folks on the law firm that are doing that much with it. It doesn’t
take much to rise to the top. I have a co-worker who if you go into the
LinkedIn and you search for like iPad training, she pops right up and she
really hasn’t done all that much.

Leslie:              Exactly
it’s kind of a daily thing. You almost need to get in there every day and I you
know it’s the first I do in the morning is I hit all the social media outlets
and I read articles and updates. And I share things that I think are relevant
with the people who follow me. And I didn’t really realize how big of an impact
that had until I was at a dinner party and I met someone and I actually had
never met her in person. And she said you know she said I see you constantly.
She said your name pops up every single week when I get those updates from
LinkedIn, you’ve shared something or you’ve connected with somebody and she
said I know exactly what you’re doing in your business. I know exactly what’s
going on with you professionally. She said it just comes to me automatically
and I thought my gosh this is a great opportunity that people are missing out
on because people are joining at 2 people per second. So it is a great time to
get in on the ground floor for attorneys. And you’re right Craig; it’s very
easy to rise to the top. If you get in early and if you do it right and you
don’t embarrassed yourself and I’ve seen that happen too. So it’s good to make
sure that you know exactly what’s going on right out there and that you go in
and check it and make sure other people are seeing what you want them to be

Craig:              Yeah,
I think your strategy is the right one. And the one that I would encourage our
listeners to adapt is just do it daily and say you know set a time on it. Say
I’m going to spend 10 minutes. I mean 10 minutes on LinkedIn, 5 days a week is
less time than going to lunch with somebody and probably more powerful.

Leslie:              I
agree, whole heartedly. And Craig you’re one of the few who’s actually made it
to that elite class that we all have lunch with because you’re in Denver to
drive down there and meet with you and it was fantastic because it was your
birthday, I do remember that.

Craig:              Yes,
it was. That was great.

Leslie:              But
you’re right by the time I get in the car and drive somewhere, the lunch part
is fine it’s getting there and getting back to the office it’s difficult and
LinkedIn can accomplish a lot more in a much shorter period of time.

Craig:              Absolutely.

Leslie:              And
embarrassingly enough I have to admit this and I know I said I was a technology
geek I have a fantastic Windows Phone that actually pulls the 3 major social
media outlets into 1 feed, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And I grab my phone
leaves on my night stand and when I wake up in the morning I get a cup of
coffee and I sit there with my phone and I do 10 minutes of Facebook, LinkedIn
and Twitter. And whatever I find relevant and useful I share it right then and
then I’m done for the day.

Craig:              Yeah,
it works great. I mean it’s easy I use I don’t know what you use but I use Hoot Suite for that
purpose and it pulls everything in it. And it’s great.

Leslie:              Yes,
Hoot Suite’s a great tool for pulling all those together.

Craig:              Well
one more question and I wanted to ask you. You know our audience has a lot of
legal administrators in it. How can legal administrators better advised their
folks about how to use LinkedIn. What would you say to them?

Leslie:              You
know there are some fantastic tools out there. And I usually I’m not a big
video person but I found a fantastic video that’s called, wow it’s escaping me right now. There’s a
short about a 4 minute video talking about what’s happening in our time with
technology and social media and how incredibly important it is to get involved
with it. And when I was in Minneapolis not too long ago I show that to the
people and they said that’s all we need to show to our attorneys in this little
4 minute segment. We will be able to explain to them why it is they need to do
this. And actually it’s called socialnomics it’s just came to me and it was
produced by a guy named Eric Qualman and he’s written the book. And I haven’t
read his book but I’ve watched his video and shared his video many times, it’s
called socialnomics. And it’s a great way to just get all your attorneys and
admin staff together in a room and say look give me 4 minutes of your time and
if you watch this video a large majority of them will come away and saying, I
get it now.

Craig:              Well
excellent, well I will make sure that I include a link to that in the show
notes. So I appreciate you’re sharing that. So Leslie we want to transition to
law firm laughs so I understand you have a story to share with us today.

Leslie:              I
do and this came to me by way of our one of trainers Sherry. And she was doing some;
she was doing an upgrade from 2003 to 2010 office upgrade at a firm in Boston.
And she was going through the new ribbon and all of that and she said Leslie
this man said to me. I’m wondering Sherry if you can please show us what’s new
with smart art. And she said okay let me see if I could help you with that.
Could you just tell me again what’s that you wanted to help with? And he said
yes it’s smart art. And she said well okay well let me see if I can find for
that is on the ribbon. And she finally said Leslie I had to get up and I had to
give up and asked him well can you spell that for me so I can look it up and he
said yes it’s smart art. Okay, well will get to that smart art. And she went
right along and she relay the story and we were all laughing so harsh and she
said I didn’t want to offend him but I didn’t want to seems stupid. So they
finally got through that one.

Craig:              That
is so funny.

Leslie:              So
now we constantly joke about smart art at savvy training. It’s a good one.

Craig:              That
is a good one. Yeah I’ve had a few of those kinds in my class and you know and
kind ofmake it all worth it. So who knows?

Leslie:              It

Craig:              So
for today’s tech tip, I wanted to talk about how to attach files on your iPad
and don’t get me wrong I’m a technology blur less I love my iPad, I love
Android phone, I love my Windows laptop. But I’ll never forget the day that I
was in Gmail and I thought where is the button to just attach a file. Well
folks it’s not there and if you’ve used Gmail or similar products on your iPad
you know it’s not there and so there’s an app out there called file app pro and
I wrote a blog post about that called minor
iPad miracle
. And it’s how to use file app pro to attach files to
an email on your iPad. I often have to do things like submit an expense report.
Well an expense reports going to have an Excel file and a PDF and file app pro
makes it easy to attach both of those using Gmail on your iPad. So again I’ll
put that in the show notes and so that will be in there for you. So if you need
that I hope you’ll check that out. So Leslie, tell me what you’ve got going on.
How people can get in contact with you or what’s happening in your world that
you’d like to share.

Leslie:              We
are gearing up for ILTA in Las Vegas the week of I guess its August 19th
I think that’s when I fly out I think that’s Monday. We’re at booth 244 at
and we have some great giveaways and I’ll be there attending some
sessions and the whole savvy team will be there. So if you’re listening to this
and you’re going to be at ILTA please stop by and see us at booth 244.

Craig:              Excellent.
Well our topic today has obviously involved social media and one of my favorite
books on social media is likeable social media by Dave Kerpen. If you’d like a
kindle copy of the book leave a comment in the show notes and I’ll pick a
person in random and send them a copy. Well thanks so much for your time Leslie.

Leslie:              You’re
welcome. Thanks for having me on your show.

Craig:              Well,
it’s been great. Well that’s a wrap for episode 6.

Thanks for
listening to this episode of Legal Leaders Podcast. For your law firm training
and consulting needs please visit alawfirmtrainer.com

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