#015: Steve Moulton on “The Value of Specialists in Mission Critical Rollouts” [Podcast]

Under the best of circumstances, technology rollouts are stressful for a firm. In this episode, I talk with Steve Moulton of NetDocuments about the key people you need in a mission critical rollout.

The Value of Specialists in Mission Critical Rollouts

Also on this show: “Law Firm Laugh” (you have to hear it to believe it) and “Today’s Tech Tip” (THE best way to insert ¶ and §).

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So, who are some of the key people you needed in a rollout?

  1. Date Migration Specialist
  2. Admin Trainer
  3. End user Trainer

What is THE best way to insert ¶ and §?

For the paragraph symbol, hold down the ALT key and tap 20 on the numeric keypad.

For the section symbol, hold down the ALT key and tap 21 on the numeric keypad.

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Email: smoulton@netdocuments.com

Phone: 801-722-6677

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Question: Who are other key people needed in a rollout and/or what is the best way to find them? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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