NeXus Marks The Spot

I love my Nexus 5! It is absolutely the best phone I have ever had and not being under a contract is awesome.

I also enjoy using the Nexus Wireless Charger but I’ve struggled with finding a way to put the phone in the right place so that it charges. But now I’ve got it down pat. I simply match the X on the back of the phone with the X on the charger and set it down normally. Works every time!

Increase your ROI – Return on Input

Life is short and most of us spend a good deal of it getting data into or out of our computers and devices. Why not invest a bit of time and/or money into increasing your effectiveness at using keyboard, mouse, touch, and voice?


My guess is that you are like me and that you use multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone) in multiple contexts (work, home, car, and away from home). In this post I give you some suggestions on how to do that more effectively.

3 Funny Word Feature Names


Sometimes the way people refer to features in Microsoft Word just makes me laugh. Here are three of my favorites. Enjoy!

  1. Referring to the Quick Access Toolbar: “You mean the QAT bar” (rhymes with squat).
  2. Talking about the Format Painter: “Love that sweeper”.
  3. Discussing the Hanging Indent and Left Indent markers on the Ruler: “Oh, I call those Monopoly Houses”.

Got one you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments.

Why You Need a Password Manager (and which one to pick)?

I looked back at a post I did on March 12, 2011 called 11 Android Apps I can’t live without. Out of those 11, only 2 have survived the test of time: Evernote and LastPass (a cross platform password manager).

Why use a Password Manager?

You need a different password for every site you visit. You may want to read that sentence again. It is the truth. If you want to browse the web and buy things online safely, you must not have duplicate passwords. Not only do high profile sites like Target get hacked but how about lower profile sites with much less resources that you visit? In addition, it has been shown that passwords that humans come up with are much easier to crack than randomly generated ones.

Now for iPad: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint!

Right now you can download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from Apple’s App Store! It was a little hard for me to find but it is currently in the Featured section. Definitely worth checking out.

If you want to know more, a good place to start is: Satya Nadella’s press briefing webcast.

Just getting started with Word but I gotta say, “It’s sweet!” Unlike when I started trying to use Pages, in Word for iPad in short order I am feeling comfortable.

One tip: the second icon (right next to Back) is the File menu. In the File menu is help and the Help is great! I especially liked the Video: “Select stuff in Word for iPad” and the article “Use an external keyboard with Word for iPad”.