How to Lose 14 Pounds in 43 Days

Few Americans avoid putting on some extra pounds. I thought I was going to be one of them but I wasn’t. I’ve been skinny most of my life (don’t be a hater) but was surprised by a picture taken when I spoke at ARC Stories. My belly was sticking out!

Weight Chart

From December 2, 2017 to January 13, 2018, I lost 14 pounds. My goal weight was 145 and I will share with you what worked and what didn’t. If I can do it, so can you!

My Exact Morning Routine

If you want to succeed in life, nothing is more crucial than an effective morning routine. You can craft a routine that puts first things first and leaves you ready to move through your day with passion.

Wake up happy

Get clarity on what you want to accomplish in the time you have. Depending on your season in life you may have 7 minutes or two hours.

Here is mine:

Sleep Like a Superstar! Part 3

Are you looking for better sleep tonight? If so, then you need to cool your room and your body.

Chill Out

Last night, I slept 12 percent better than the previous night (according to my OURA ring – use the coupon code “craig” to receive a 10 percent discount off your purchase).  What I did differently was lower my body temperature using Cool Fat Burner.

Sleep Like a Superstar! Part 2

Why are so many people having difficulties sleeping soundly? It’s because there’s not enough contrast between their “day” and “night.”

In pursuit of better sleep for myself, I have increased the amount of light during the day and made it darker for the night. This has helped me to sleep better; it can work for you too.