Are You Dying the Death of a 1000 Micro-Payments?

Do you have a nagging sense that all those $7.99, $9.99, etc. monthly “services” are taking a significant toll on your checking account (and complicating your life)? Me too.

Are You Dying a Death of a 1000 Micro-Payments?

In this post find out how you can score a quick win, avoid shooting yourself in the foot, and commit to stop (or at least slow) “Death by a 1000 Micro-Payments”.

MailBox: Your Inbox Zero Hero? [Review]

We all get a deluge of email and staying ahead of the tide is a constant battle. I recommend you add MailBox to your email weapons. In the video I share who can use it and why I think it is so good.

MailBox is a free app for iOS and Android that works with Gmail, Google Apps, and iCloud accounts. They were a successful startup that joined forces with DropBox so it looks like they will stick around.

#014: Donna Payne on “Collaborating with your Competition” [Podcast]

We live in a very competitive world. That’s why I love this story of how Donna Payne reached out, even to her competition, to help make Word 2013 for Law Firms a must-have resource for legal professionals.

Donna Payne, CEO of PayneGroup

Other topics on this show include: differences between Word 2010 and Word 2013 and how firms can cope with the changing update cycle. And, as always: “Today’s Tech Tip” (from Donna!) and “Law Firm Laughs”.

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Air Boss: THE Road Warrior Worthy Bag

A couple of years ago a co-worker and I were discussing travel. I said, “I have to check baggage; I’ve got too much stuff to carry”. And she said, “Look, if I can get away without checking baggage, so can you. I’m a girl.”

Air Boss: THE Road Warrior Worthy Bag

She recommended the website: Since then my tune has changed to “it’s against my religion to check baggage”. One of the key components to my strategy is the best business travel bag: Air Boss by Red Oxx.

NeXus Marks The Spot

I love my Nexus 5! It is absolutely the best phone I have ever had and not being under a contract is awesome.

I also enjoy using the Nexus Wireless Charger but I’ve struggled with finding a way to put the phone in the right place so that it charges. But now I’ve got it down pat. I simply match the X on the back of the phone with the X on the charger and set it down normally. Works every time!